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Artificial Death

Median Vision Theory 1979. Posthuman since 1988. 

We have remained fiercely independent, "Above the Ways" since the origins of the posthuman movement in 1988, through the Yahoo group years and Extropians of the 1990s, London Futurists, and various Transhuman, H+ and the continual political schisms. In addition to publication of the free online POSTHUMAN DAILY we also run the popular posthuman.TV website and posthuman FB group.



Solution of (hard) Mind-Body problem

THE PRIMAL EYE (hardback, 314pp, 2006) gives a complete scientific account of the early evolution of fundamental consciousness. Dreams, R.E.M., waking and hypnotic states are explained mechanistically. This theory is no less than a solution to the 'Hard Problem' in Western Philosophy (aka Descartes' longstanding 'Mind-body Problem'). Many academic philosophical difficulties are immediately cleared up using this revolutionary approach. Collected here are 25 years of Phantom Eye (aka Median Vision) Theory by Steve Nichols. Contents include the original BSc Hons dissertation "The Phantom Eye" 1979, MSc thesis on Machine Consciousness, MA on Median Vision Theory and Dreaming, PhD research from the 1990's including 'Finite to Infinite-State', and various articles. 


Primal Eye Two: MVT 40 years on ...

This forthcoming publication covers developments in Median Vision Studies since 2000 including previously unpublished work on sentient computers (MVT awareness engines), Artificial Death, updated and new MVT papers, and future applications.