I have explored and written about “posthuman” ideas since the 1980's and have discussed with many people the validity of particular views of the future. One debate concerns the “Trans-human” 500 year transition period claim versus the opinion shared by me that some of us in the developed world are already “Posthuman”(our skeletons are now a different shape from homo-sapiens of the C19th and C20th D-shaped not round). The ‘Industrial Revolution’ was the “trans” stage, cut out the middle-man  Posthuman NOW!


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POSTHUMAN MANIFESTO  (first published 1988 by  Steve Nichols) THE 31st GOD - some ancient Egyptians aspired to become deities themselves

Primal Eye documentary

Part One of Nine - 8 mins 30 secs video.

Steve Nichols presents his Primal Eye theory, with Prof. Richard Gregory, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Chester Zoo and more.

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